Atma is an association that aspires to share the love of India with the people of France and the rest of the world. We endeavour to make the arts of India, and especially the Indian state of Orissa, available to an International audience.

The arts flourish in Orissa: pattachitra painting, the Ikat style of sari-weaving, silver filigree work, metal and sandstone sculpture, classical dance, folk dances and music, martial arts and so forth.

Under the guidance of Devasmita Patnaik, the director of Atma, the people of France and other European countries have been able to get a taste of the arts and crafts of India, through such activities as :
• Concerts where the public has a privileged contact with the musicians
• Recitals of Odissi classical dance, featuring solo dancers as well as
groups from India, accompanied by world-class musicians
• Dance workshops in Odissi and other traditional styles
• Atelier of Mudras, the hand gestures
• Performances for children featuring Indian stories
• Fashion-shows and exhibition featuring magnificent Saris, with
their wonderful designs, symbols and textures
• Introduction to Ayurvedic massage
• Introduction to Indian cooking featuring the use of Indian spices.
• Atelier on the creation of Kolams, colorful drawings on the ground, meant to welcome the gods and goddesses to the house at auspicious times
• Course in Sanskrit reading and writting.

Atma emphasizes the values of Indian culture in its totality, stressing the sacredness of life in day-to-day activities and not only in formal temple worship.