The association ATMA, wants to share the love of India with the French public and the citizens of the world. Its mission is to make known the cultural richness of India and more particularly of Orissa.

Devasmita PATNAÏK, president of the ATMA association wants to give another image of Orissa. Orissa, its native land, has innumerable riches, art in all its forms. Pattachitra painting, the complexity of Ikat drawings on Saris, filigree work on silver, metal and stone carvings, Odissi classical dance, many folk dances, music and martial arts.

Since the creation of the association in 2002 and well before, under the initiative of its president, the public has had the opportunity to discover the colors of India through many cultural activities:

• Private concerts where the public has a privileged contact with the musicians.
• Odissi dance performances solo and regularly with a renowned troupe
International Festival of Dancers and Musicians from India.
• Odissi dance workshops and other traditional styles.
• Mudras workshops, sign language.
• Animations, Indian tales with schoolchildren and college students.
• Sari parades and saris exhibitions, with a sublime collection that amazes the public with its rich patterns, textures and symbols.
• Ayurvedic massage workshop.
• Cooking classes and conferences on the benefits of spices.
• The Kolam, drawings in powders of all colors on the floor. In order to honor the
goddess Lakshmi who brings luck and prosperity.
• Learning to read and write the Sanskrit language.

The ATMA association showcases the Indian culture as a whole, the sense of the sacred lived in everyday life and not only in the temples.

The ATMA association sponsors children in Orissa and participates in the construction of an Odissi dance school in Dhauligiri.

ATMA under the direction of its president Devasmita PATNAÏK thanks all the associations, the schools, the theaters, which trust him and which invite him to make discover to their public, the soul of the Indian culture.
ATMA aims to make a festival dedicated entirely to the art and craft of Orissa.