The ATMA association offers workshops or introductory workshops on Odissi dance in Paris and Provinces with dance teacher Devasmita PATNAÏK and talented young Gurus from Orissa.

She is often asked by associations or dance schools. This usually happens at the weekend, and here we give you an idea of the duration of the internship.

3 hours a day for 3 days, Friday evening from 6pm to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday from 4pm to 7pm or 3pm to 6pm.

If you wish to organize an internship, please write to us.

The whole universe is engaged in endless movements in a perpetual dance of energy. The dance is like the point that radiates from the navel, which becomes a line, circles and returns to the point of departure through the joy and celebration of life. Discover this cosmic energy, the harmony of body and mind through a synthesis of movements, expressions and gestures of life.

Course of the program.

* BHUMI PRANAM: Greeting to Mother Earth

* SARIRA MURCHHANA: the awakening of the energies of the body

* PADA STHITI: feet in harmony with the body

* BHANGI: feminine postures and grace

* PADA CHARI: dance steps in space

* SHLOKA: body poetry and melody

* KHANDI: the dance sequences

* MUDRA: Sign language very evolved