Odissi dance and beliefs are closely intertwined. Thus, such postures evoke the low reliefs of the temples of Orissa, such gestures illustrate the Avatars of Vishnu and other epic narratives or recreate the mystical communion between man and nature. This evening, Devasmita Patnaik will have performed eight dances to delight her gods and conquer the assembly with their classic purity, expressiveness and grace.
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In a natural setting of rare plants, the dancer Devasmita Patnaik, specialist in Odissi dance, sculptural and fluid, presented a show of great plastic precision associating grace and charm.
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I observe the graceful and bending dancer, whose hands are drawn up in savage arabesques united in a transcendent harmony, by the magic of movement to the forces of the universe. The richness of his inner world is communicated to me and I leave it with the sensation of having, I also participated, an instant of the divine.
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With this dance show Odissi, we will touch on what India offers more magical and even more sensual. Because everything is gathered in this show, history, spirituality and of course the music that will punctuate the presentation of Devasmita Patnaïk.
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As part of the Spiritual Art Festival organized by the Ste Etienne Réunion and Ste Marie Eglise Center-Ville associations, Indian dancer Devasmita Patnaik explains each of her choreographies in a way that makes them more accessible to the public. On the program, grace and the divine through the classical dance Odissi, born in the region of Orissa. .. Thus Ganesh, Shiva, Vishnu and other deities are represented by the steps and the different movements of the dancer. Even the gaze regularly changes its expression according to whether it expresses sadness or joy. A great dance moment where grace and spirituality are at the rendezvous.
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Devasmita Patnaïk the dancer, expressed in a very accomplished gesture, overflowing with aesthetic qualities, fascinating each one by its whole expression and by the reflection of life which it transmits, and by its emotions which it made share. the outcome of the show, thanks to her power to convey her thoughts that she wanted to communicate and that left no one indifferent, Devasmita Patnaik has plunged the room into a total communion of serenity.If we define the quality from this show, three words come to mind: harmony, serenity and compassion.
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Indian dance, an unforgettable show … The choreographer Devasmita Patnaik and her musicians and dancers from Orissa, state of north-east India, presented a magnificent Odissi dance show. This classical dance is very old and similar to mobile sculpture and refers to mythology. The Odissi is indeed borrowed from a great spirituality. It is perhaps the discipline and rigor that accompany it that fascinate the European public and have particularly affected the public came to the theater on Friday night.
He took full advantage of a show of great quality all in grace and beauty, that he is probably not close to see again soon and which he will remember for a long time.
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All the mysteries of India
Devasmita Patnaik … her initiation begins very young, includes the foundations of this mystical dance. It beautifully recreates the forms carved in the temples to celebrate life and divinity. Installed in France, twenty years ago, she gives classes but also multiplies the stage performances to make known his art. Since 1986, it has been associated with major cultural events throughout Europe.
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