Dashavatar tells the story of the ten incarnations of Vishnu during the four ages of Satya, Treta, Dwapara, and Kali, the age of the destruction of the moral and spiritual values ​​we are living today. The concept of these ten incarnations has a great significance. Evil, obscurantism and terror have always been present during the different periods of man’s evolution. By the manifestation of the Dashavatars, Vishnu brings a solution and saves the world from the force of evil, triumphs the truth and re-establishes the reign of justice and peace.

Dashavatar is also the theory of evolution, Matsya the amphibious animal, Varaha the land animal, Narasingha the lion man, Vamana the small but smart man, Parashurama the man with the vital force, Rama the moral man, Balarama the mental man, Buddha the spiritual man and Kalki the last expected avatar that will end the injustice spreading peace and reestablishing a new golden age.