Throughout history, Orissa, the land of many cultures, has absorbed diverse influences from East to West and from North to South India. Geography has given this region an exceptional situation, a place of transit and also of refuge. These diverse influences formed the art, literature and religious life of Orissa and contributed to its great cultural richness.

Orissa is a region of colors with the azure ocean bordering its coasts. Its land is dotted with vibrant and verdant valleys. It offers beautiful landscapes with large rivers, plateaus, mountains and beautiful forests.

Orissa is famous for pattachitra paintings, Pipili patchwork motifs, filigree work on silver, ironwork, bronze, stone and wood carvings, palm leaf painting and the very beautiful saris in ikat.
His varied folk dances, his music influenced by both style
Hindustani and carnatic, dance Odissi. The refined carvings on its temples of great beauty make Orissa the land of supreme arts, Utkala.